Jewels By Talia is a collection by Talia Crowell, a jewelry designer from the small town of Laguna Beach, California, where desert meets ocean and surfers, coyotes and bikini babes unite. Her love affair with jewelry stems from feeling a piece come together: the moment when gold, gem and woman align into a single structure, beautiful and alive.

Talia is a passionate creator, who believes that with hard work and a lot of heart you can achieve anything. The release of her own line is the accumulation of her most ambitious dreams.

Jewels By Talia epitomizes elegance in its delicacy, yet boldness, the vision of gold draped on the soft curves of a woman’s body. Each piece of impeccable quality, handmade with so much love by Talia herself, an array of details inspired by gazing into the tiny universes of tide pools. Talia’s jewelry is design emanating from emotional responses to beauty. she admires simplicity and believes that by living a simple life, you own the most beautiful treasures of the world. This truth is her design aesthetic.

Jewels By Talia is for the woman who exuberates confidence in a bikini with toes in the sand and perfect accessories accentuating her golden glow. Or for the glamorous woman dancing with her friends, who illuminates her party dress with bold gold and gem like a flash of lightning across the night sky. Talia invites you to experience the mystical powers of stone against skin, the quality and the sultry beauty of her jewelry. Thank you for taking part in her journey.